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Magika (coming soon)

Featuring 2 products for face and body care. 

M.a.C.F (Magika Argan Cleansing Flakes):

Magika Argan Cleansing Flakes (MACF) is your user-friendly makeup remover which contains 100% natural ingredients includes Argan Oil, Rose Essential Oil, Aloe Vera, Honey, Lemon, Arnica Flower and Witch Hazel.

MACF removes make-up, washes, tone and moisturises your skin all in one wash within 20 secs!


✔️ Anti-aging.
✔️ Anti-freckles.
✔️ Closes pores.
✔️ Rejuvenates the skin.
✔️ Protects face from UV.
✔️ Reduce acne problems.
✔️ And many more!

M.f.S (Magika Feminine Scrub)

▶️ Prevents itchiness at Miss V.
▶️ Cleans & Remove Dead Skin Cells
▶️ Long Lasting Freshness
▶️ Reduces Odour
▶️ Increase Fertility
▶️ Moisterize the skin

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