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Removing makeup at east

Oooo... its Zuhur prayer time!!!

As a career woman, putting on makeup is essential to look pleasant and professional.

Even though busy with work, for the muslims, it is still compulsary to oblige and perform our prayers. So, in order to pray, removing makeup is a must so that we can do our ablution (wudhu) properly.

Alhamdulillah.. I dun have to worry about the hassle of removing makeup, carrying the heavy and bulky bottles of makeup remover and cleansers. I just need this light, travel friendly, halal wet wipes! 

Not only it helps to cleanse off my waterproof makeup thoroughly.. it helps to moisturise your skin too!! Because it is non - alcohol and it contains honeycomb, aloe vera and vitamin E . Amazing right..😍😍

Love makeup? Love easy peasy makeup remover solutions? Switch to Imaan Suci Facial Wipes for the best make up remover solution.


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