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Imaan Suci World

Imaan is a brand that best understands the needs of women for daily necessities, services and self-fulfilment. Imaan has wide range of products from cosmetics to skin care and consumable ones as well. 

Consumable products that is scientifically proven and tested and ease the fast pace of lifestyle today.


Imaan Suci Facial Wipes (Aloevera - Blue)

➡ Make up remover that contains Vitamin E and Aloe Vera, removing makeup conveniently before performing prayers. Ideal when travelling. Alcohol free & Halal. Clean & fresh. Cleanse & moisturize skin. Suitable for dry & sensitive skin.

Imaan Suci Premium Wipes (Argan - Pink)

➡ Make up remover that has an additional content in it, Argan Oil, which is suitable for dry and sensitive skin. Ideal when travelling. Alcohol free & Halal. Clean & fresh. Cleanse & moisturize skin.

Imaan Feminine Wipes (Betel / Roses - Purple)

➡ Feminine wipes that contains betel leaves and roses. Works well for our Miss V and after our visit to the public toilets.

Imaan Family Wipes (Honey - Yellow)

➡ For all purposes in the family especially children as it contains Aloe vera, vitamin E and honey.  To cleanse and refresh the skin whenever there is no water at hand. From babies to adult! Soft and strong, they are ideal when travelling, at home or at work, and give an immediate pleasant sensation of freshness and cleanliness.

Imaan ZeroBelly Detox (Original  / Asam Gelugur)

Imaan Kopi Jamu 

Imaan Treatment Foundation

Imaan Serum Susuk Emas Beradu 24K



✔ Stimulate collagen on skin
✔ Soften face
✔ Replace damaged skin cells
✔ Enhances blood circulation in advance
✔ Get rid of freckles
✔ Moisturize the skin
✔ Anti aging makes the face look young
✔ Prevent acne
✔ Make glowing skin
✔ Take care of dark circles under the eyes
✔ Make skin clean and healthy.


Imaan Aura Therapy:

Stressed? Anxiety? Low energy? Can’t sleep? Need a booster for confidence?

➡️ Imaan Aura Oil - contains 7 flowers & frankincense, facilitates healing and provides tranquility & calmness.

➡️ Imaan Aura Mist / Water - contains 7 Flower Power & Citrine Stones, refresh and hydrate the skin. Also helps to maintain the skin's natural balance and provides an instant skin refresher and radiance booster.

➡️ Imaan Aura Salt - contains 84 minerals + rose oil + dried rose petals, reduce acidity and inflammation in your body and promotes cell regeneration as well as help to regulate sleep and relieve stress.


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