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Removing makeup at east

Removing makeup at east

Oooo... its Zuhur prayer time!!!As a career woman, putting on makeup is essential to look pleasant and professional.Even though busy with work, for...
Smell ouh so nice

Smell ouh so nice

Assalamualaikum & Gd Morning. Two days ago, when I was queueing up for some snacks, a lady behind me asked what perfume I use. I told her I sp...


I love the smell! It's as good as original! And last really long! More importantly, I can use for solat!

Product | D'Calysta


Imaan Argan Premium Wipes. Bau nyer macam Baby Johnson.

Product | Imaan Suci Wipes


Aloevera Gel - Wangi & very moisturizing! I bring it to everywhere I go, replacing my hand cream.

Product | Huna AloeVera Gel


Yes, I like the Facial wipes and Feminine wipes. I am relying on them for wudhu and solat purposes. The normal wet tissue from Watsons, I da tak pandang

Product | Imaan Suci Wipes

Dila Lala

The perfume smell very strong better than the original.

Product | D'Calysta


Very Exclusive Glass solar Engraved bottle, solat-friendly, last for hours.

Product | D'Calysta


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