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Collection: Celebrity Lass

Frequently Asked Questions of CelebrityLass (CL):
1. Is this product effective?
* We have tested the effectiveness of this product at various levels and thousands of positive testimonials have been received.

2. How long can one bottle of CL last?
* ± 95 Spray (3-4 weeks depending on individual)

3. What quantity should be used?
* Spray 2-3 times to affected. Spray more if the smell is strong.

4. Is there side effect when used?
* There is no side effect if using Celebritylass ™ because it is made of high quality natural ingredients only.

5. How long does it take to show the effect?
* Body odor will disappear as soon as 3 seconds.

6. Can you use deodorant or spray perfume after using CL?
* Sure no problem. Even your perfume will last longer.

7. How many times a day should I use CL?
* One day is enough. But if the body odor is quite strong, it can be sprayed 2 times a day.
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